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Landing page for customers, when bikes are missing. This page is intended to ask the user for the bikes last location.

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AndrĂ© Gernandt 

Publish date:

Mon Nov 05 2018 10:03:08 GMT+0100 (Central European Standard Time)

Publish agent:

OC CLI 0.45.0


oc-template-handlebars (oc-template-handlebars-compiler@6.0.13)

Node.js dependencies:

@angular/animations, @angular/common, @angular/compiler, @angular/core, @angular/forms, @angular/http, @angular/platform-browser, @angular/platform-browser-dynamic, @angular/router, @ng-select/ng-select, concat-files, core-js, leaflet, leaflet-geosearch, ng2-translate, rxjs, zone.js

Plugin dependencies:



caseId (string, mandatory)
Rental case identifier (uid)

Example: 41782559
formPrefix (string, optional)
Form input prefix for name attribute

Example: tx_nbcust_pi1
formTarget (string, mandatory)
Target URL for the form action

Example: index.php
lastRentalLat (number, mandatory)
Last rental latitude

Example: 51.3435222
lastRentalLng (number, mandatory)
Last rental longtitude

Example: 12.3627129
translationFindInMap (string, optional)
Address searchbox label

Example: undefined

Default:Find in map
translationLabelComments (string, optional)
Example: undefined

translationFormFieldRequired (string, optional)
Example: undefined

Default:This field is required
translationFormFieldMinLength (string, optional)
Example: undefined

Default:Please provide more information
translationLabelSubmitButton (string, optional)
Example: undefined

translationRentalClarificationHint1 (string, optional)
Example: undefined

Default:Unfortunately we are unable to find your bike. According to our database, your are the last customer. Please enter the exact return place of the bike (e.g. Street and Number).
translationRentalClarificationHint2 (string, optional)
Example: undefined

Default:Please drag and drop the marker to the point where you returned the bike. Press 'Send return place' to finish.
translationRentalClarificationHint3 (string, optional)
Example: undefined

Default:If you have any questions or problems, you can reach us by phone or by replying to the e-mail you received. Our customer service is available 24/7.


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